I have lived in this oasis since I was 7 years old. Coming form Northern California the landscape setting was a little bit of a shock. However It did not take me long to fall in love with all the local vegetation and animals, You will most likely find me taking photos of all the animals and insects I see out on locations while also trying to pet anything with fur. I cant tell you how many photos I have of beer donkeys. 
My love for art comes into play when I am photographing. I am always looking for a fun angle or details I know my clients will want to remember. 

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Hi, I'm michelle

am so excited you are here! Either you live in AZ and absolutely love the desert, or you are planing on a destination wedding to our wonderful Copper State!


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Today, I am a full-time engagement and wedding photographer. I am certified through the International Academy of Wedding Photographers. Additionally, I regularly participate in styled shoots and take photography/editing courses as I believe in consistently investing in my business and skill set so I can best serve the couples I work with. I am based in Arizona and I am also open to travel. 

I absolutely love what I do, and I can confidently say, “I love, love!” My passion for my work comes to life through visually capturing the beautiful moments of an in-love couple’s biggest milestones and providing them with timeless family keepsakes for generations to come. The biggest compliment that I receive from my clients is my ability to take charge in helping create an amazing and effortless experience on their special day (and that they loved their photos, of course)! 

Livin' in the Arizona desert!

My background story

have always been the friend with the camera! I remember developing my own film in high school which helped me fall in love with photography.


A Look into my


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I am A wife, a mother of three wild and amazing kids, and a dog mom of three beautiful red Golden Retrievers. Spending family time is my favorite thing, you will find me cuddled on the couch with dogs and kids alike reliving my childhood through watching classic movies.

I love the ocean, the beach, Killer whales are my favorite animal next to lions, My favorite number is Five, and pineapple on pizza is a hill I will die on.

My adorable Parents


My Favorite Things

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I love exploring new places. Arizona has so much to offer in sense of terrain. I am always amazed at how beautiful it all is, from the Grand Canyon to the Ghost towns, and from the pine trees up north to the petrified forrest in the south. 

Traveling around to find new locations is always such an experience, I usually bring the kids along and we go for adventure looking for the perfect spots and searching for wildlife along the way.   

Exploring new places


you deserve the best

It would absolutely be my honor to accompany you on one of the grandest days of your life. The beginning of joining your love story forever 

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